Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How do we do it?

Zero To Sixty Million - by Texas Direct AutoWith annual sales exceeding the $200 Million Mark, Texas Direct Auto is one of the largest independent dealerships in the nation and is the largest eBay Motors Dealership in the world. This book was conceived when the authors hit $60 Million in annual sales. Their continued success into the beyond proves that many of the techniques they cover in their book not only worked for them when they started this venture, but that they continue to work as they scale their enterprise. So how do you go from selling zero cars a month to over 400 cars a month in as little as four years? [Author Note: we're are currently on year 6 and sell between 900 and 1000 units a month] How do you buy that many vehicles, how do you manage your customers, how do you turn inventory more than once a month, how do you manage the 1000s of things that need to be done at any given second in time while keeping overhead as low as possible? How to do you stay organized, and how do you put the pedal to the metal and accelerate while doing all these things? These are the types of questions that the authors aim to answer in their Book Zero to Sixty Million. It documents how two young Texan "Techies" with no background in the automobile industry, are setting the standard for how vehicles should be sold over the internet. More than just a story, this book actually goes into the under the hood details of what it takes to excel in this industry. It's also packed with good information that can be applied to many different industries. Check it out.

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Just added the the ability to search our used car inventory in our eBay Store from this very blog. Neat stuff, I think. Enter your keywords, press enter, and our matching inventory will auto-magically appear. Enjoy!

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Friday, May 29, 2009

I often get asked, "do people really buy cars from Texas Direct Auto over the internet"? Short answer is yes, people do. Some people actually do win an auction from the Texas Direct Auto eBay Store. How do they feel about the transaction with us? Well, look at their eBay Feedback and see!

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For an up to date list of feedback, check out Texas Direct Auto's My eBay World Page or look at Texas Direct Auto's eBay Feedback Profile.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Texas Direct Auto

With over $200 Million in annual sales, Texas Direct is one of the Largest Independent Dealerships in the Nation and is the largest eBay Motor's Dealership in the world. We have over 700 units listed online, right now for you to look at. Check us out and follow us on twitter.